Author: WorldSat International Inc
WorldSat International Inc. was incorporated in 1987. Since that time, WorldSat International: - Introduced the first cloud-free composite of the earth based on 1km NOAA data - Was the first to produce a satellite image of the Earth incorporating true elevation data to generate shaded relief - Produced the first true satellite atlas of the world and continues to break ground in the reproduction of 3D and perspective views of the Earth based on satellite imagery

BC Experience | About The Map

The map is larger than a doubles tennis court, so large that from any vantage point on three levels you can easily see the curvature of the earth. The map’s exquisite detail and vivid colours come from digital satellite imagery

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Windows on Earth

WorldSat’s new 30 meter data is literally “out of this world”. Featured as a new reference map on the International Space Station, our new 30 meter data is part of an exciting new product called “Windows on Earth” developed by

National Geographic Explorer

WorldSat has just been commissioned to produce a new feature mural for Lindblad Expeditions newest ship the National Geographic Explorer!

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