Where On Earth Are You Going?

What do CNN, National Geographic, Readers Digest, The Smithsonian Institute, Bertelsmann Group, Major Motion Pictures, the Weather Network, Scientific American and the International Space Station all have in common?
They have all turned to WorldSat for their satellite imagery needs.

Since 1987, WorldSat International has been the world’s premier provider of satellite imagery.

WorldSat pioneered imagery that is completely seamless, layer to layer. As a result, we have the unique ability to produce animated zoom sequences from space to a local parking lot without any visible seams or colour shifts- an essential ingredient for the ultimate sense of reality.

So whether your needs are a single image for a magazine, atlas, major motion picture or a dazzling 3D flight around our virtual world, WorldSat is your source.

Leading Edge Stills and Animation for publications, atlases, television, advertising, museums, trade show displays or major motion pictures-

WorldSat delivers seamlessly.

WorldSat's Imagery now available for Google Earth

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Would you like to dramatically improve your Google Earth broadcasts by eliminating the dull, unnatural patchy look of the satellite imagery? If so WorldSat is your answer. We can provide beautiful seamless, colour-balanced imagery at all levels of resolutions that can be overlaid on your Google animations...