WorldSat, working together with World F/X, has created a series of solid globes and air-filled balloons of Earth ranging in size from 4 feet to 72 feet in diameter.
WorldSat’s 1km cloud free satellite image is printed on a poly-poplin fabric with UV stable ink.
In globes up to 8 feet in diameter there is an interior bladder that can be inflated with either air or helium.
As air-filled balloons, they are perfect for exhibit displays both indoors and outdoors.
As helium filled balloons, they are extremely light and may be tethered and allowed to fly free as a distant attraction.
They come with a full hardware package that allows you to install it on the ground or hang it in midair from any orientation. Larger globes are based on positive pressure and include an internal pump to keep the globe inflated.
The globes are available for short and medium term rentals and are also available for purchase as custom productions.

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